Social Media Coaching: Effective Tips For Marketing

It’s been said “you can have a website but with-out traffic you have not got a business online!” Ken Evoy of SiteSell. It would seem that everyone can understand the underlying truth to this statement, but not many people know how to increase web traffic to run their business. In this article we will give you the best 10 ways.

Each time you want to follow someone who fits the criteria of one of your lists you go to their Twitter page, click on Lists and add them to your appropriate list. For instance I coach and mentor social media for startups startups both on-line and locally, therefore I have a list titled “Vancouver”. Anyone who is in my immediate area goes into that list. Think carefully about the title of each of your lists. You will be surprised how quickly you can create your 20 lists. It is much more efficient to put thought in up front about how you are going to use your Twitter lists, rather than having to change everything around later.

Think the search engine marketing. Your page is on the first page of the results and so are many others. The information seeker has typed the keyword into the search engine search bar and got the result page. How your title, description and domain stand out from the crowd? Would it be useful to know, what the competing pages has as their contents? Does your page offer the same benefits or does it satisfy some other prospect need? These are fundamental questions.

This brings up walking the walk. When you establish a website for your business, make sure that your potential clients will have strong positive feeling towards it. You want to make sure that your webpage is presentable and professional. There needs to be information that can immediately capture the attention of the client social media strategy and be helpful to the situation that they may have. This will allow for the potential clients to have trust in knowing that you know what you’re talking about.

social media startups media is another way to jump start your online presence and credibility quickly. Share your information and ideas freely as you connect with a variety of people. Be the ‘go to’ person on your topic and let your personality shine through.

In 2001, Stewart was named the third most powerful woman in America by Ladies Home Journal. In 2004, she was convicted of lying to investigators about a stock sale and served five months in prison. I believe, her short vacation in jail has touched the lives of her inmates as Martha taught them some skills on how to make her home living projects. Stewart began a comeback campaign in 2005, with her company returning to profitability in 2006. There are so many practical things you can learn from Martha about home living and many, many more. She has 1.5 million followers on Twitter.

Measure Your Results. All this work doesn’t mean anything if you can’t determine if it is time well spent. Is what you are doing successful? What is working and what is not working? Are you generating results based on the amount of time you are committing to this strategy? Take a look and re-evaluate every 30-60 days. You may have to alter your strategies based on experience over time.