Starcraft 2 Zerg Guide – The Best Ways To Stop The Reaper Rush

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These specific wasps prefer to position their nests in unguarded locations such as tree branches. They can grow to a large size with the largest having sizes higher than a football. These are made from a paper like product that the Bald-Faced Hornets collect from differing sources. The employees will go out and chew on wood, such as a fence post. Then they carry this back and blend it with their saliva to produce the product to make the nest. Normally these nests are used just during the summer time and deserted by the time winter comes. All individuals of the nest die except for a fertilized Queen who over winters in a protective location. She then will emerge to start the cycle over in the spring.

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You have to expand as early as possible because you will need the additional resources. The only way to beat Protoss systems is with the right counter-unit in the appropriate numbers. Beyond the option of which Zerg unit to use in fight, it all boils down to the numbers that you have at your disposal. Of course there is a great amount of skill involved as well.

Lastly, build a Baneling nest and generate some Banelings for defense. Banelings are supreme protective units that can resist assailants while protecting your headquarters and Spawning Pool.

Many times these pests are not a problem for people. However often they position their nests in locations, such as schools, where they could do damage. This is when the nest should be moved or destroyed. If the nest is small enough you can use a spray item called Wasp Freeze to knock out the flying workers and spray the nest with a wasp insecticide (check out the labels at your regional market). If you believe you cannot handle it or it is large you will need to call a pest control operator.